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September 2007 

The Power of Multimedia – Insider Tips, Strategies and Ideas from LifeStyle Media on How to Grow Your Business and Profit Using the latest in new media technology, video and audio. 

How Video Helps Build Strong Brands That Stick



September is back-to-work time, and as I wrote in last month’s newsletter, this is the season I think of as the REAL New Year for business owners, managers and anyone who has an audience or customers that they need to train, teach and motivate. This time of year is when you need to get motivated and expand horizons and look at fresh ideas. After a long hot summer, people get down to business and even fashion gets more serious.  

In this month’s newsletter, I’d like to share with you an example of a 100 year-old retailer (a company that’s been around a long time and seen trends come and go) and how they are using multimedia tools to stay ahead of the competition. 

Neiman Marcus could rest on its high-end reputation but is differentiating itself from other fashion department stores by embracing streaming video. In creating stickiness around their brand, they’ve launched a campaign called VIT – Very Important Trends (nice association with VIP). To find out more about the must-haves for fall, instead of clicking through a static slide-show like every other fashion website, NM visitors can watch models in beautiful clothes strutting to retro mod music.  It’s a perfect marriage of cutting-edge technology and style since fashion is all about the image.  

Click on this link and check it out and see how it can apply in your business.

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This is one way technology like streaming video breaks through the clutter of information overload. Let me give you another example we’ve applied to the real-estate industry to help real estate agents follow up with their clients until they sell their home.  

There are many techniques realtors use to connect with prospects such as cold-calling and sending out brochures but this can be grueling, costly, and show little measured return on investment. At LifeStyle Media, we have created a series of streaming videos that REALTORS can post on their sites as a value-added material for visitors to come back time and again and then request more information.  

Click on the link to see how benefit-rich content delivered through streaming video can build your brand inexpensively and with immediacy.  

Click on this link and check it out and see how it can apply in your business.

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One of the most powerful tools for creating a lasting impression is video that engages all the senses and creates buzz around your product or service. Sometimes the brand is YOU. For example, Erica Ehm, is one of Canada’s most recognized personalities.  She was chosen to be the first female Much Music (MTV in Canada) television host.  Like all smart and savvy entrepreneurs, she has been reinventing herself in various media ever since.  

Recently, Erica created and hosted Yummy Mummy, a parenting TV show for the music video generation and leveraged this success online with the Yummy Mummy Club. Like the challenges facing many entrepreneurs, she needed to find a way to attract attention to a site, and keep visitors coming back until they became a customer.

Erica approached LifeStyle Media to create a sequence of videos that would stream automatically from the site, where she could introduce Canada’s Yummiest Mummy Contest. We shot her in our downtown studio complete with green screen so any background could be keyed in.  

Together we took it even further.  We figured, winning free stuff is always nice but why not make the contest interactive so that visitors become content creators too.  Plus we would give them a chance to win a trip presented by Air Miles Reward Program. All they have to do is upload their own video and tell us and the rest of the Yummy Mummy community about why they are the Yummiest Mummy and get voted on.  Whoever gets the most votes, wins that round and the fabulous prize sponsored by partners like Roots Canada, McCain Foods and others. Each week a new round is introduced by Erica in a streaming video.  

Click here to see it at work

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Like with YouTube, video creates stickiness around a brand because it can be sent to a friend, builds social media community and gets people talking. That’s inexpensive buzz and word-of-mouth referral with more credibility than traditional advertising. Video taps into emotions and can create a call- to-action that text-based communications simply can’t match. 

How can you use video to generate buzz in your business? 


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See how we have done exactly this for a variety of businesses.  While there you can read up on what problem the business needed to solve and how LifeStyle Media provided the solution. 

NOT TO BE MISSED - Stay tuned for this month’s podcast (coming out at the end of September).  On The Bullhorn, AudioVideo Coach Evan Trestan interviews Erica Ehm about her online business success.  


Need more proof about the power of video and how it can help your product or service stay top of mind?  I’ll leave you with a little science. Researchers at Ludwig-Maximilius University in Munich, Germany have been using MRI to study the impact of brand recognition on the brain and as it turns out big brands make bigger brain waves.  

Across industries, strong product identities provoked activity associated with positive emotions, self-identification, and rewards. Weak brands provoked activity associated with negative emotions, as well as memory, suggesting the brain had to work hard for a response.  

The more marketing channels a customer uses for interacting with your brand the more they spend and the higher their value to your company. At LifeStyle Media, we use video, audio and new media, in all forms of distribution to set our clients’ messages apart from the clutter. Here is just a sample below. 

Online Presentations engage viewers and enable you to connect with immediacy and targeted focus.  

Check out a sample here

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Walk-On technology can direct visitors to a call to action. We’ll shoot, host, and monitor the number of clicks for a measurable return on investment.

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VideoEmail is a great tool to maintain customer relations. People that purchase due to email spend 138% more than those who are not reading marketing emails.

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I hope in reading the case studies in this issue, it’s clear that nothing gets a message across more strongly than the moving image!  

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