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The Bullhorn Podcast #1 - August 2007

                                                   The Power of Multimedia -
                    Lead Generation and Follow-Up Solutions Using Audio and Video
How to Take Successful Offline Marketing Strategies and Supercharge Them in the Online World.

Dear Reader,

I hope you are having a great summer.  August is usually the height of those lazy hazy days of summer.  Sitting at the office, looking out the window and seeing the beautiful weather outside, the sun shining, it is sometimes hard to concentrate and get things done.  When that happens, I start to visualize and think Big Ideas.  For that reason I find that the summer months are a great time to look back, reflect on the past year and look toward the future.  Maybe it’s the school-age child that is still within us that looks to the day after Labour Day as the start of a new year.

With this in mind, I want you to listen to our inaugural podcast titled: New Media in Your Business. 

In this short 10-minute podcast, Ann Marie Reszetnik, Account Executive at LifeStyle Media and I discuss why incorporating multimedia is so important and profitable in growing your business. 

Some of the topics discussed are:

With everyone talking about Facebook and MySpace, people are looking to connect. The internet is the fastest growing marketplace and video is the most effective form of communication on it. Canada leads the world in online reach with 70% of households wired and the U.S. is in 2nd place with 59%. In the U.S. alone, $2 billion was spent on streaming media technologies and is projected to grow to 12 billion/year over the next few years. 

Listen to this podcast and discover the really amazing things that are happening in multimedia today and how you can use this technology to “stand out” from the crowd.

Use Video Online To:


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