From the Desktop of:  Shay Schwartzman and Evan Trestan, THE AUDIO VIDEO COACHES
The Power of Multimedia -
How to Turn Your Desktop into Your Own Broadcast TV Station

Dear Reader,

What would it be worth to you and your business if you could guarantee that your unique message about your product or service be persuasively delivered to your prospect or customer correctly each and every time?  And that it was done automatically?

This is the first in a series of e-newsletters on how powerful a tool multimedia can be.  Read on to discover the really amazing things that are happening in multimedia today and how you can use this technology to “stand out” from the crowd.

And don’t worry you don’t have to be Bill Gates to care or worry about how it works or even how much it costs.  There are solutions that fit your needs and budget.

You may be thinking, “I already have a lot of great material for prospects to read, why do I need this?” That’s a fair question.

The Answer: There Are Limitations to Text. The effectiveness of your message may be lost.

There is a magical power to the moving image that is more difficult to create in print. Think about videos you have seen, whether fiction or non-fiction, Hollywood movies or otherwise. Remember the story, the characters, the drama? Now how does a brochure or book compare?

You see, text-based materials:
• Often get lost in all the clutter of other text based materials
• Are often misunderstood. People may not get the nuance of what you are saying
• Can have little emotional impact. People read it with their own voice, bringing with it
their mood, paradigm and skepticism

You would agree that if you had the choice of watching a video or reading the information, you would choose the former.

Nothing gets your message across like video. With the Power of Moving
Images, Your Message Is Seen and Heard Loud and Clear.  Multimedia, combining the right images and words, punctuated with graphics and music GETS YOUR MESSAGE HEARD.

Multimedia Just “Says” It Better!

Here are some statistics you should consider. People Remember…

• 10% of what they read
• 20% of what they hear
• 30% of what they see
• 50% of what they see AND hear together
• 55% of message meaning is derived from facial expression
• 38% of a message meaning is derived from gestures and body language.

Because of this…
• Response rates increase – Up to 30%
• Message retention improves
• There is uniformity of message

What It All Means To You
• Shorter Sales Cycle
• Increased Prospect Speed to Market
• Quicker Return on Investment
• Because your prospects “saw it on TV”, the information is more believable.

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